Pair of Dead Bodies Discovered in Hotel Pool

By on 4-10-2013 in DWI

hotel party canceled by dead bodiesTwo dead bodies were found submerged in the pool at the Down Hall Country House Hotel in Essex, England last Saturday night.

Hotel workers found them and tried to pull them out and resuscitate them, but they were already dead. The victims were a man believed to be in his 30s and a woman in her early 20s. Both were from London.

Police have not yet determined a cause of death and are working to understand the relationship between these two individuals.

In what is either a cruel ironic twist or a directly relevant clue, the hotel was set to host a “murder mystery party” that weekend. The party was cancelled as guests were arriving, many of which thought the police presence and heightened security were part of the mystery. Hopefully police can figure out what happened and can bring any responsible parties to justice.

Truck Brake Defect: One Cause of Road Disaster

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An 18-wheeler truck, which others call a big rig or a prime mover, definitely looks impressive on the road, but only when it is driven safely, not putting other motorists and pedestrians’ lives in danger. Drivers of these massive vehicles undergo rigid training to help them develop the necessary skills that will enable them to handle their rig well. With the long hours these drivers spend on the road, though, and with the size of their vehicle, which sometimes hinders them from seeing other motorists, some drivers fail to observe road safety, causing devastating accidents that result to severe injuries or death.

There are about 500,000 trucking accidents in the US annually; about 5,000 of these are fatal. Though the major reason for these truck accidents is driver failure, there are still instances when the problems are attributed to factors that lie beyond the driver’s control – truck defect or malfunction.

Since trucks are extremely big and heavy vehicles, these necessitate particularly manufactured parts that will operate well and function perfectly with all other parts. These parts ought to be subjected to rigorous quality tests before they are supposed to be made available in the market. Even the slightest sign of failure to pass standard tests can result to devastating accidents on the road.

Some of the highly essential parts these trucks have are those that compose the brake system. Malfunctioning brakes on trucks is nothing short of disastrous. These huge vehicles oftentimes travel long distances without applying or using its brakes; it cruises continuously, sometimes for hundreds of miles before needing to slow down or come to a stop. When their braking system malfunctions, there is no telling how severe the effect of collision with other vehicles can be.

Thus, truck brake parts manufacturers, quality inspectors and distributors have the grave duty of ensuring that their products are safe, in good condition and operational. Any failure on products sold will be the responsibility of these parties, who will, by law, owe all injured victims the compensation that will cover all damages done.

Hardship License after a DWI Conviction

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DWI is illegal in every state in the U.S., and law enforcement officials take driving while intoxicated (DWI) offenses very seriously. Even first time offenders can have their licenses suspended for up to one year depending on the circumstances of their arrest and subsequent legal proceedings. A suspended license means you can no longer drive at all. If you are caught driving with a suspended license, it will be that much harder to get it back, if at all.

Losing the privilege of having a driver’s license can be a major problem for some people, especially if they need to drive for their livelihood or education. Fortunately, all hope is not lost if your license is suspended. If you get your license suspended for DWI, you can apply for a hardship license so that you can get your license back earlier than what the court had originally decreed. First time offenders typically have an easier time because there are no prior DWI convictions to complicate matters and instillation of an ignition interlock device is usually not required, but the requirements are otherwise the same for your first through to your fourth conviction. A fifth DWI conviction means your license will no longer be suspended; you lose your license permanently, so no hardship license will be approved.

However, hardship licenses are not available to just anyone, and the criteria for qualifying for a hardship license can vary from state to state. However, some common requirements include:

  • No charges of driving with a suspended license
  • Applicant qualifies for a 24D disposition or “second chance” first offender status
  • There are no other active revocations
  • Documented proof of hardship i.e. letter from employer and letter of explanation from applicant justifying the need for a hardship license
  • Proof of an installed ignition interlock for 2nd offenders
  • Ignition interlock packet (for first offenders) if hardship license is granted

It must be noted that even if an applicant meets all criteria for the hardship license, an official or law enforcement officer who will hear your case may still refuse to grant it on reasonable grounds.