The Real Culprit behind Multiple-vehicle Motorcycle Accidents

By on 5-01-2013 in Auto Accidents

A motorcycle is a fast and cool way of getting to your destination; it also ensures an exciting riding experience, is easy to maneuver and allows you to drive through narrow spaces – these are just a few of the many reasons why it remains to be a popular means of transportation in and / or out of the city.

According to the site of Ali Mokaram from the Mokaram Law Firm, unlike a car driver, though, a motorcyclist is more vulnerable to road injuries since he or she has almost no other protection, aside from the helmet, to cushion his or her head and body in the event of collision. Thus, with no seatbelt, airbag and other safety mechanism, the motorcyclist always has a higher percentage of sustaining severe injuries compared to a car driver.

One danger motorcycle drivers are always exposed to is multiple-vehicle motorcycle accident – a road mishap that is usually the fault not of motorcyclists or reckless drivers, but of negligent people seated behind the wheel. This means car, van or truck drivers who violate or fail to recognize motorcyclists’ right-of-way, making abrupt turns or traffic lane changes without care; thus being the victims, motorcyclists end up as the ones sustaining the worst injuries.

Studies have consistently shown that it is drivers and not the riders who ought to be blamed in multiple-vehicle motorcycle accidents. Due to their recklessness on the road, these drivers usually resort to ill-driving tactics, like approaching motorcyclists too closely on the side and “buzzing” them, getting too close behind motorcyclists (tailgating) and failing to yield. Any driver who acts aggressively or carelessly on the road, putting the lives of other motorists and / or pedestrians in danger is, by law, called reckless. Their actions, especially when these end up harming or injuring others, can be considered crimes or civil offenses.

Victims of motorcycle accidents, especially multiple-vehicle motorcycle accidents, have the right and the duty to bring any reckless driver to justice. Besides the possibility of being able to collect damages from them, these victims may also be saving other riders who may get injured due to their reckless driving.

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