The Dangers of Reckless Driving

By on 5-04-2013 in Auto Accidents

Car crashes are now one of the leading causes of death for teenagers and young adults. Reckless driving is one of the reasons for these car crashes. This moving violation is treated as misdemeanor, and anyone caught with this offense can face fines, suspension or cancellation of driver’s license, deportation, or revocation of parole. There are also differences in penalties, depending on each state and the specifics of the offense.

In order for a person to be convicted of this charge, it should be necessary to demonstrate the driver’s disregard to safety and it should be presented in the form of testimonies, either from witnesses or from police reports. Anyone breaking laws such as those in the following can be charged with reckless driving:

  1. Banning pedestrians from crossing in from of oncoming traffic.
  2. Prohibiting crossing train tracks while there is oncoming train.
  3. Over-speeding, under-speeding, or speeding regulations.
  4. Sudden swerving or repeated violation of traffic signals.
  5. Driving to escape or avoid a police officer or anyone from the law.

The main problem with reckless driving is that is poses a great risk not only to the driver, but also to other people around them; they might kill or harm people, pets, and their passengers, and they can severely damage properties. This is not only a naturally hazardous activity, but a generally public safety issue.

If you are operating an over sized vehicle, truck, or 18-wheeler, it is especially important to be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to the road. Truck accidents can end up very unfortunate for both parties, involving damaged vehicles and traumatic injuries.

As for teenagers and young adults accounting for most of the victims of reckless driving, there are many programs aiming to educate and inform everyone about preventing it. There are many campaigns that advocate against reckless driving and offer tips such as setting family rules about driving (especially at night), establishing and enforcing consequences, and losing driving privileges for breaking the rules.

A car accident does not only cause serious injuries, they can leave traumas and even a loss of life. Being a responsible driver needs more than knowing the rules, it all about respecting other motorists and the laws.


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